Calvert Design Studio is an established design firm in Vancouver, BC. What makes Calvert Design so significant? The principal Sheryn Calvert, has 27+ years of experience in the industry. This year has been especially significant as it is a year of CHANGE! 

From moving out of a home basement office, into a brand new office in the Dollarton Business Park in North Vancouver, to hiring a brand new team of amazing designers and office manager, to even re-branding the entire company, Calvert Design Studio has truly embraced change to the fullest. 

The inspiration behind their new logo, is following the organic lines that are created naturally on the earth through topography changes. The office embodies the earth elements that inspire Calvert Design Studio daily. The space showcases natural stone, a beautiful wood reception desk, concrete floors, crystal inspired light fixtures and plenty of natural light.

CDS is excited to share their thoughts, ideas and inspirations through their various social media outlets, blog and recently updated website.

"Be passionate, take risks." 

Alessandro MungeIDS West Tradeshow 2016